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The focus of this retreat is to meet and embrace ourselves with awareness, compassion, and joy in total acceptance of who we are. We will look within and release blockages in our body, mind, and energy centers. We will use specific breathing techniques, dance, sharing circles, walks, movement and stillness in order to restore our aliveness and loving dialog with existence, connected and integrated with the True Source of Our Personal Power.


This retreat is just for women. We offer you a safe and intimate space, free of judgments and competition where each participant is encouraged to feel free to be themselves in their power and also their vulnerability, flowing with the energy of their own being.  

The magic of being together with other women, heart to heart, exploring our feminine essence and celebrating sisterhood creates a sacred ground for old wounds to heal and for each participant to uncover her true feminine power and magnificence. Each retreat member will receive personal and unconditional support during their process. That is the reason why the number of partakers is limited.


  • Be empowered and inspired to start anew
  • Unfold a process of awakening and expansion of your True Self  
  • Experience self-understanding and clarity of mind
  • Refresh the energy of your physical body
  • Establish a deep and loving connection to Yourself
  • Connect with the source of your True Personal Power
  • Feel nourished, supported and unconditionally accepted


Martha Ballesteros-Shakti - Martha has over 30 years’ experience leading Personal Empowerment Processes internationally. She is a bilingual Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Transformational Coach. She offers a variety of great processes that allow her clients to bring awareness to the roots and cause of the issues they present for resolution, helping them dissolve the attachments and identification that keep them stuck. They acquire the capacity to be present, relaxed and in harmony within their own being. Martha has been interviewed in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio and television shows, sharing with the public her extraordinary experiences.  For more information visit her websites: and

Betsy Perez

Betsy is a bilingual energy healer, psychic, and medium. She uses her knowledge of Molecular Biology to navigate intricate healing energy as a Medical Intuitive and Remote Healer.  She uses knowledge of Information Technology Systems and matrices to move through lifetimes to provide high vibrational psychic information. She works with high-frequency Guides and Masters to provide quality messages of love and endearment from Spirits who crossed over to worried loved ones still living. She is a frequent guest on radio shows to answer any question about the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy. For more information visit her website:


Where: Silver Springs, Florida   -   When: June 23 and 24

For booking and information call Martha at (407) 970-1439

Or email her at

 Space is limited. Retreat Cost: $350 - $100 will reserve your place