Join us for a free introductory lecture on the "Living Foods Lifestyle" - Saturday May 23 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm at Ayurbeauty Wellness Center - 2203 Hilcrest St. Orlando 32803

May 20, 2015


The Art of Regenerating and Rejuvenating the Body/Mind 

July 11 and 12 - From 10am to 6 pm

Location: Ayurbeauty Wellness Center

2203 Hilcrest St, Orlando, FL 32803

Facilitator: Martha Ballesteros-Shakti

For booking, dates, and information, call:

(407) 970-1439

Martha is a renowned expert in Living foods. She has traveled the world educating people and physicians in the power and freedom of taking control of your nutrition.

The food we eat affects the health of our body, mind, emotions & spiritual connection. Enzyme rich foods regenerate our body because we can easily digest and absorb them.

Living Foods training will teach you the fundamentals of healthier eating, building the foundation to create dietary and nutritional choices personalized for you. 

Our goal is to guide you step by step through the transition of your present eating pattern towards making Living Foods your lifestyle. You will learn how to heal at many levels and to maintain radiant health and vitality. 



The food we eat affects the health of our body, mind and emotions, our spiritual connection, our capacity for self-healing and the attitude we take toward the preservation and care of our planet, and all other sentient beings who are part of it. Living Foods regenerate our body because we can easily digest and absorbed them. This training will guide you step by step through the transition of what your present eating pattern is, towards making Living Foods your lifestyle. You will learn how to heal at many levels and will learn to maintain radiant health and vitality.  

Living Foods Training Outline —

 1.   A word or two about cooking our food

2.  Transitioning into Living Foods

3.   Enzymes

4.   Food Combination

 5.  Sprouting

6.   Greens and Grasses Shelf Planting

7.  Benefits of Wheat Grass

8.  Fermented Foods

9. Rejuvelac

10. Veggie Kraut

11. Nuts and Seeds Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt

12. Juicing

13. Breakfast Cereals and other Morning Recipes

14. Energy Soups and Lunch Recipes

15. Salads and Sauces

16. Dehydrating – Breads and Crackers

17. Healthy Desserts

18. Equipment

19. Health and Well Being

     * Colon Health

      *Enemas and Implants

      *Skin Brushing

      *Breathing Exercises, Using the Neti Pot 

      *Relaxation and Visualization Techniques 



The maintenance and care of the colon, which is the most important organ of elimination and absorption in the body is an important part of this teaching. The consumption of cooked and processed foods prevents our body from enjoying real healing nourishment. Cooking does not improve the nutritional value of food but conversely destroys 85% of the original nutrients.  When we cook food many of the vitamins and other nutrients loss their substantial value. We are also destroying enzymes; most proteins are denatured or converted to new forms which our body digests with great difficulty, using extra energy that could be utilized for regeneration and healing.

Thus the gradual introduction to this optimal form of nutrition will allow us to prevent the deficiencies and toxicities that could eventually turn into degenerative diseases and addictions.

Hippocrates the father of medicine taught in ancient Greece: "Let food be your medicine." That is the core intention of this teaching.


Martha Ballesteros-Shakti is an Educator of The Living Foods Lifestyle trained personally by Doctor Ann Wigmore in 1992. During the time she lived under the guidance of Doctor Ann, she was a witness of people’s healing from: candida, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, heart disease, hypoglycemia, psoriasis, eczema and other major illnesses, as a result of people changing their eating habits and embracing this new lifestyle.

Martha has taught this lifestyle to many people in Europe, USA and South America. She has appeared in many TV shows in her native Colombia, sharing her knowledge and experiences with Living Foods.