The body is the vessel which contains our emotions.  As life goes by we go on accumulating remains of unresolved emotional issues that become stagnant in our body/mind.

This energy takes the form of self-imposed limitations, filters to our perception, pain, stress and illness; lessening our ability to live in harmony with the natural abundance of existence. My job is basically to facilitate the recycling of that energy at all levels of our human experience.

I invite you to read the testimonials of some of the people who have gone through this process. The sessions I offer are a personalized training. I can assure you that with your commitment and dedication you can transform your life.

I am guided by the sincere longing that human beings may transform their fear into trust, the scars of abuse into strength, bitterness and despair into peace, sorrow into joy, and hatred and violence into love. 

I wish you find inspiration in these pages. During your process I offer you a supportive environment where you can blossom at your own rhythm, feel welcome, and be treated with utmost respect, care, discretion, and professionalism. Make the choice to take a quantum leap in your life right now! It will be an honor for me, to walk along with you in this wonderful adventure.”

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